We do technology so that you can focus on things that will allow your business to succeed. IT Resources gets more done in less time and this is achieved through;

  • Providing remote and onsite support, creating a consistent experience.

  • Analysing and repairing computers, servers and network infrastructure.

  • Configuring and optimising hardware and software.

  • Strategic partnerships to access a variety of products and services.

  • Service request management system to enable the tracking of all work.

  • Implementing best practice solutions that ensure client satisfaction.

Ad-Hoc Support

This is a reactive approach and is ideal for small businesses which are not severely impacted by the failure of IT systems. Businesses with a low demand for IT services are attracted to this and costs can be controlled while system failures have a low impact on business functions.

  • Services are billed on a per incident basis and is provided on request.
  • There are no monitoring solutions in place and disruptions can occur.
  • Reactive services carry a lower priority and are difficult to plan for.
  • At risk of possible loss of: production, revenue; reputation etc…
  • Can be more expensive than support agreements.

Service Level Agreements

SLA’s are a proactive approach suitable for businesses which can be impacted by the failure of IT Systems. Organisatons with a demand for IT services prefer an agreement identifying service expectations on which the agreement is created in order to meet specified requirements.

  • Services are split between telephonic, remote an onsite support.
  • Requested monitoring solutions are in place to minimize disruptions.
  • Support response expectations are defined to meet expectations.
  • Proactive support is available and can be prioritised based on severity.
  • Creates a fixed monthly cost for support services.
  • Unlimited and limited support options available.
  • Per user / computer billing flexibility.

Managed Service Agreements

These agreements are for organisations which consider IT infrastructure critical and interruptions caused can have significant consequences. Predefined expectations create the framework on which the agreement is structured in order to ensure infrastructure is managed correctly.

  • Support expectations are defined for resource allocation.
  • Monitoring solutions are implemented and managed.
  • Product and service performance requirements are detailed.
  • Ensures fixed monthly costs for services provided.
  • Unlimited and limited support options available.
  • Per user / computer billing flexibility.
  • Reports and documentation available on request.
  • Settlement discounts available.

Projects & Consulting

Strategy and consultancy services are customised to both expectations and technology trends with the intention to create robust long-term roadmaps for IT strategic goals. These services are provided on a per project basis and can include a variety of work such as;

  • Workstation & server specifications.
  • Network infrastructure specifications.
  • Server room specifications.
  • Backup solutions.
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity solutions.
  • Strategic roadmaps, reporting and documentation.