IT Resources collaborates with all stakeholders to build and maintain a flexible, cost effective and secure IT environment. Responsibilities include sales and implementation of products and services throughout all aspects of the infrastructure while maintaining our core values.

Whether it’s a scheduled hardware upgrade, software update or emergency repair, you will have peace of mind knowing that, we’re on hand to provide the service you need.

Corporate Connectivity Services

Data accessibility and effective communication form an underpinning element for business continuity and effective communication. We provide a wide range of robust connectivity products that can be customised for your business requirements.

The connectivity products and services we offer are corporate grade and competitively priced, leveraging a diverse range of connectivity solutions, including Fiber, Fixed Wireless, and LTE.

Backup Solutions

Having secure and reliable backups is absolutely crucial for any organisation. This is part of our services offering, making sure your data is securely, reliably, and most importantly, frequently backed up. Our team checks that all backups are working optimally, so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.

Whether onsite, in the cloud or replication to alternative branches, a managed backup solution provides that second level of protection against both incidental and intentional data loss. This is a critical element in being prepared for data loss and business continuity while ensuring compliance.
Backup solutions are customised to each client depending on requirements and compliance.


We build and maintain infrastructure while being mindful towards flexibility and the unique requirements that support the clients strategic goals. Understanding that good IT Infrastructure has a foundation of hardware and software, our experience and partnerships enable us to source the right products and services efficiently.

Wireless Networks

The use of wireless networks can assist an organisation to avoid the process of introducing cables. However, wireless infrastructure can be a source of frustration when it comes to hardware compatibility, installations, configuration and it can represent a security vulnerability should it not be configured and managed correctly.

Our team works with multiple vendors to enable us to facilitate a variety of solutions designed to release users from the restraints of cable while providing a fully distributed mobile computing and communications framework which takes place at the physical level of network structure.


Security products and solutions are offered to ensure the integrity of IT infrastructure, network services and data. Our products and services are accessible to all organisations and with IT Resources your business is assured of having a single point of contact for all matters relating to corporate IT Security. You can think of it as having an additional team of IT specialists in your corner, working towards the maximum functionality of your business’s IT infrastructure.

Structured Data Cabling

From ethernet cabling to link computers or fibre connectivity to link buildings, wireless connectivity & cabling provide the backbone of any network and we understand the complex issues involved in planning, design, installation, and maintenance which all have an impact on the infrastructure.

Our experience enables us to create flexible cabling solutions designed to meet the requirements of new technologies, that are cost-effective and lead to increased productivity through robust and dependable networks.

Server Rooms

Our solutions include design, building, installing, servicing, and maintaining server rooms according to recommended standards and best practices. We work with you to understand your needs and deliver solutions to fit your budget and requirements. The comprehensive services we offer includes detecting problems and inefficiencies in order to ensure the performance and reliability of your IT Infrastructure.