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Helpful tips to Make the Most of Your Computer Hardware

The key to making the most of computer hardware is not just knowing where to purchase the cheapest parts, it’s about knowing how to make the most of the components you already have.The most common problems facing business owners and computer users are component failure due to overheating, hard drive failure or performance issues, along with other mysterious computer issues.

The following tips will help you save money by extending the life of your existing computer parts and accessories:

Find out how to extend the life notebook battery.
Perform a defrag and extend the life of your hard drive.
Preserve components by keeping them cool.

Extend the Battery Life of Your NotebookLeaving your laptop battery plugged in and fully charged is NOT the best practice. For the best long-term life of your battery, you should unplug it and completely discharge it on a monthly basis. Partial discharges and recharges dramatically reduce battery life.
Defrag Your Hard Drive RegularlyHard drive fragmentation is basically a scattering of files across your hard drive. It can cause hard drive to run slower and work harder, seeking out all the pieces of different files that are being worked on. This causes your hard drive to run slower, and shortens the life of this extremely vital computer part. Regular defragmentation has been proven to extend the life of hard drives.

Protect your internal computer parts by keeping them coolOverheating is a major contributor to computer problems, including everything from spontaneous reboots to actual hardware damage. Desktop towers shoved inside of compartments and under desks are particularly vulnerable. Laptop also have a tendency to run quite hot. All of this puts extreme strain on the internal computer hardware parts, and will drastically decrease their lifespan.

Laptop cooling pads can be purchased. Most pads are powered by USB cable that plugs into the laptop. For desktop computers, minimize overheating by pulling out the case and blasting the insides with compressed air monthly. Dust is a major factor in overheating. If you have the tower stuffed under a desk, add additional internal fans to ensure that the insides are sufficiently cooled.

No preventative measure will preserve a part forever. Once the part has failed, make sure that you buy wholesale hardware.