Founded in 2006, IT Resources has rapidly established itself as a first-rate IT Service provider in South Africa. We support small, medium and large sized businesses throughout the country, endeavouring to create long-term professional partnerships that add tangible value through a combination of high-quality daily support, insightful strategic advice and skilled project delivery.

IT Resources enhances individual and organisational performance and productivity by developing strong and reliable IT Infrastructures that are practically supported by a wealth of time-tested knowledge and experience. We are able to act as your business’s IT department, or to optimise your existing IT network.

The knowledge and expertise required to implement comprehensive IT solutions can be expensive and elusive. IT Resources overcomes this challenge by providing appropriate and cost-effective resources in all business environments. We enable businesses to access necessary resources as and when they are needed, rather than unnecessarily paying for them on a daily basis. With IT infrastructure implementation successfully completed, IT Resources provides operational support through Service Level Agreements and on an ad-hoc basis, further reducing costs without compromising the quality or reliability of the solution.